Office Spaces in Chennai

Office Spaces in Chennai

Elegant Office Spaces, good amenities, perfect location, good connectivity of public transport, Are you looking out such Office Spaces in Chennai for your team?

Chennai is the fastest growing city and an ideal city to expand your business. This city gives good opportunities to people to move in. Many startups and organizations are in chennai.  The demand for Team Offices in chennai is trending higher nowadays. Chennai is the best city to get spacious Team Office Spaces that too in your budget.

IT and other service industries are booming in Chennai. Chennai is known as the best place to expand your business. This city is a melting pot for different industries. It is a cost-effective option for many startups and organizations.

 Here are some interesting facts about Chennai
  • Chennai is a capital of Telangana
  • Chennai is the most visited city by foreigners in india
  • This city is also known as a smart city in india
  • It is the biggest cultural economical and educational centre of the south india
Importance of Office Spaces 
Office spaces are integral to any organization. It constitutes not only office premises, building, the floors, cabins, but also office furniture - table, chairs, cubes, meeting rooms, lobby and reception area, open spaces, cafes and related amenities and services. The office is not without its people. Office spaces offer and facilitate an ecosystem of office infrastructure and services for people or a group of people in an organization to function as a single cohesive productive unit.
Choice of Office Spaces in Chennai
The choice of right office space, infrastructure, and services help organizations being more productive towards its goals and objectives. Better office spaces help to build better employee motivation, result orientation, and brand. More often they are also a reflection of the value system and culture of the organization.Office space costs are often one of the top three costs that are incurred for any company. These are typically in a range of 12% to 18% of Total operating costs (TCO) for any organization.
Type of Office Spaces in Chennai
  • Small size team offices
  • Large size team offices
  • Cabin spaces
  • Furnished office spaces/ unfurnished/ semi
  • Premium office spaces
  • Economical office spaces
Importance of Office Spaces in Chennai

Stimulate focus

Furnished workspaces also give us positive vibes when we enter in the office spaces. It helps to maintain good positive vibes in your office. It also helps employees to stay focused on their roles. Sometimes noise during meetings makes employees intolerable. For better concentration, make sure your office spaces have enough rooms for specific functions.

More Productivity

Dynamic Office spaces lead to more productivity among your employees and staff. It helps employees to achieve their targets on time. It helps overall business to achieve their goals.

Inspire collaboration

Employees stay more at workspaces that are both functional and comfortable. When more of this happens than there is an increase in productivity. It leads to overall productivity and greater collaborative roles. A good office should bring more heads together and inspire more and more face to face conversations.

Talent recruitment

Apart from a great working environment, many companies today emphasize a comfortable space to attract top talents. These new team members will help to boost productivity and organization performance.


What people are looking at the office?
  • According to research 41% people look for office space as a social interaction
  • 28% people feel workspaces as a collaborative teamwork
  • 24% people refer to workspaces as an informal space for quite and focus work
  • 37% people want more better ergonomics like comfort both in emotional and physical
  • 47% people want office as an innovative work centre.
The trend of Office Spaces in Chennai at OfficingNow
According to research, Chennai sees 60% growth in office space absorption. Many IT organizations and startups prefer Chennai to expand their business because of lower rental. 

Searching for Team Office Spaces in Chennai at OfficingNow

Currently, OfficingNow has many Team Office Spaces listed all across India. Most importantly the majority of these are in Business City Hubs like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai and Kolkata. Also note that they are also available in primary cities like Indore, Jaipur, Kochi, Ahmadabad among many others.

OfficingNow Web Portal offers comprehensive Search functionality as below.

Home Page Search

On Homepage Search, you can select Workspace Types as 'Office space' and Select City or Area/Locality of your interest. The search results are shown immediately. You can click on the Spaces of interest and see all the details of the space transparently. Also, note that the Search functionality is also available for OfficingNow Android and iOS Apps.

Advanced Search

Once the initial Search results have shown, the Advanced Search Filters on the Left Side of a screen would help to refine search as per your requirement or criteria. You can filter results using City, Area/Locality, Capacity, Price, Durations or Free Text phrase search. In addition, you can also Sort the results as per your shortlisting needs, You can Sort by Capacity, Prices in ascending or descending manner. Also, note that the Advanced Search functionality is also available for OfficingNow Android and iOS Apps.

Direct Post Requirement Pages

In addition to the above options if you still can't find the Office Spaces of your choice or if you have a more specific custom requirement that needs to Chennai. You can post the requirement with details. Here are a few links below to help you do that quickly. Also, note that OfficingNow often gets back within a few hours of submitting the requirement. We keep customers at the centre.

Booking Team Offices at OfficingNow

Once you have shortlisted and finalised the Office Space of interest you can Book it quickly. The Booking can be done on Web Portal by clicking 'Book Now' option. Once the Venue availability is Confirmed the Payment is done online using various Payment methods like Credit/Debit Cards, Net Banking, Wallets or UPI. Also, note that OfficingNow Mobile Apps can also be used for Booking and Payments.

OfficingNow Value Propositions for Team Offices in Chennai

Currently, OfficingNow has many Meeting spaces listed all across India. Most importantly the majority of these are in Business City Hubs like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai and Kolkata. Also note that they are also available in primary cities like Indore, Jaipur, Kochi, Ahmadabad among many others.

Other Offerings By OfficingNow

OfficingNow Platform has literally thousands of Workspaces listed and readily available across India. It covers more than 40+ Cities, 700 Venues, 2700 Spaces addressing huge seats capacity of around 65000 workstations capacity and it is increasing every day. Therefore OfficingNow is your single point of contact for all your office space requirements.

An officingnow platform has many other Workspace Solutions as below
  • Meeting / Conference / Board Rooms- for formal Customer/ Team Meetings
  • Training Rooms / Halls- for a variety of Training
  • Hot Desks / Workstations- in Shared Offices or Business Centers or Co-working Spaces
  • Team Offices- for Private or Shared Office Spaces for Teams
  • Executive Offices- Dedicated Private Cabins for Managers or Executives
  • Video Conferencing- for high-quality collaboration across geographically spread Teams or Clients
  • Virtual Offices- for address/registration or communication purpose
  • BPO / Call Centre Spaces- for small to large spaces to orchestrate Call Centre Operations
  • Business Lounges- for Casual discussions or in transit quick meetings
  • Corporate Guest Houses- for travelling professionals for Business Purposes
  • Event Spaces- for conducting Corporate events, All Hands or Team Off-site

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